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How to wear gauze mask comfortably?

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How to wear gauze mask comfortably?

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Wearing gauze mask is one of the effective measures to isolate virus and prevent influenza.However, wearing masks should also pay attention to technology and methods, improper use of masks, not only can not play a protective role, but increase the possibility of virus transmission.How on earth to wear it correctly?

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1. The mask should be properly worn, with the upper edge above the bridge of the nose, completely covering the mouth and nose, and no space around.Don't wear it too low, or too loose, or too high.And children wearing masks may feel difficult to breathe, parents should communicate with their children in a timely manner.It should be noted that once the mask is taken off, it should be worn on the inside of the mouth and nose and folded in a clean pocket or in a clean plastic bag.Health departments remind, wearing a mask correctly can play a certain role, but wearing a mask can not have a complete protective effect on infectious diseases, therefore, should also take frequent hand washing, keep a distance from the patient, avoid to crowd gathering places and other preventive measures.

2. Go to places where people gather and wear masks. Healthy people don't need to wear masks all the time in their daily life.Wear masks to prevent contact with droplets containing the h1n1 virus. Healthy people should isolate patients with influenza-like symptoms at nursing homes, have close contact with people with cold symptoms or go to public places with high risk of infection such as hospitals and stations where there are large crowds of people.Wearing a mask is only necessary if you are traveling to areas that have been hit hard by the h1n1 flu.

3. Disposable medical masks should be changed every day. Wearing masks cannot completely stop the spread of the virus among people.Please go to the regular pharmacy to buy ordinary medical masks, master the correct use of the method is an economic and effective way of prevention.

Regular channels of gauze masks can really effective prevention of influenza.While gauze masks can keep germs at bay, they can have a negative effect if not worn properly.People with respiratory problems should consult a professional for more professional guidance.

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