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Medical gauze and bandage have what commonness and difference

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Medical gauze and bandage have what commonness and difference

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Medical gauze and bandage have what commonness and difference

The medical treatment on market is commonly used goods is very much now, when many friends oneself buy sometimes meeting cent is not clear medical gauze and bandage, also some friends are mixed for convenient direct two.In fact, they each have their own use, today manufacturers summed up a few points for you both of the commonness and differences, convenient for you to identify.

medical gauze

1. The medical gauze and bandage materials are the same;

2. The medical bandage should not touch the wound directly when used;

3. Medical bandages are not sterilized, while medical gauze is sterilized;

4. The obvious difference is that the shape is different. The medical gauze is several layers together, while the medical bandage is one layer.

Of course, the hospital also has medical gauze bandage, which is a necessary medical material for external dressing and fixation of orthopedic patients' fractures.When we use it, we should choose high-quality medical gauze bandage and wrap it in the correct way.

When winding the bandage, the wound should not be too tight, because this will cause the patient's blood circulation, uncomfortable, will not be conducive to wound healing and healing.

Believe through afore-mentioned introduction, everybody had more understanding to medical gauze and bandage, also won't worry to buy a mistake later.

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