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What requirements should medical gauze mask meet?

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What requirements should medical gauze mask meet?

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According to the current quality of our living environment, we often choose to wear gauze mask when going out, but what requirements should we meet for medical gauze mask?It and ordinary gauze mask what is the difference, now to understand the next.

Medical gauze masks production should meet GB19083-2003 "medical gauze mask technical requirements", face mask can be divided into rectangular and closed type, shall be equipped with a nose clip, have good surface wet resistance, no stimulation to the skin, the air flow resistance under the condition of the air flow is 85 l/min, inspiratory resistance shall not exceed 35 mmh2o, particle filter efficiency of filter material shall not be less than 95%.Surgical gauze masks that meet N95 or FFP2 standards can also be used.

In fact, for any gauze mask, in the actual use should meet the requirements of filtering air impurities, so that the human body is protected, which is relatively important.

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