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The help of surgical mask for rhinitis patients

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The help of surgical mask for rhinitis patients

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In recent years, due to the serious air pollution, people suffer from the harm of air quality when they go out, and the infection rate of diseases rises. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, people often choose to wear medical masks when they go out. So, do patients with rhinitis need to wear medical masks?Is wearing gauze medical mask helpful to rhinitis patient?

surgical mask

The medical mask can filter the inhaled air and keep it warm, which can prevent disease, poison and dust.Experiments show: the four layers of surgical masks can block 90% - 94% of the bacteria, 6 layers of surgical masks can block 97% of the bacteria, so when the respiratory infectious disease epidemic, or catch a cold to go out to wear surgical masks, such not only can warm, also can prevent the pathogenic microorganisms drawn into the body at the same time, in the dust and toxic environment work, or go out when the temperature is very low, also should wear a face mask, to prevent rhinitis worsen.But some people will wear a surgical mask because of the cold weather, or even go out all winter, that can reduce the cold air to the nasal stimulation, so that the rhinitis will not aggravate or relapse, this view is not true.Because of nasal mucosa contains rich spongy vascular network, the circulation of blood, when the cold air suction, at any time can be sucked into air heating humidifying, combined with nasal cavity is a curved channel, there are three turbinate, the auspicious will greatly increase the surface area of the nasal mucosa, plus the throat, tracheal and bronchial mucosa warming humidification effect, make the air when the lungs is close to body temperature.And the nasal mucosa and other parts of the respiratory tract of the mucosa, it is necessary to exercise, if you can often appropriate contact with the cold air, can improve the nasal mucosa to cold adaptability;On the contrary, often cover a big mask, make nasal mucosa become "delicate" full, but easy to cause the occurrence of cold symptoms.

Therefore, wearing surgical mask is very necessary for rhinitis patients, if there is a need for surgical mask friends welcome to contact us!

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