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Henan alcohol swab

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Henan alcohol swab

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Medical alcohol swab instruction manual

[product name] medical alcohol swab

It is made of cotton swabs made of plastic rods and absorbent cotton and soaked in 75% alcohol solution.

Type specifications Ⅱ 】 7.5 cm, to 10 cm, 12 cm

Henan alcohol swab

1) the cotton head of the alcohol swab shall be clean and uniform in color, and the plastic rod shall be smooth and without burr.

2) the size of alcohol swab should meet the requirements of table 1 (length of plastic rod: 7.5±0.59; diameter of plastic rod: 0.2±0.05)

Unit: cm)

3) binding firmness of cotton head and cotton stalk: the number of cotton head and stalk shedding per 100 medical alcohol cotton swabs should not be more than 5%.

4) tightness: the minimum packaging of medical alcohol swabs shall not have liquid leakage.

5) alcohol shall be provided with qualification certificate and quality documents by the supplier, and its performance shall conform to the pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China.

2010 edition two regulations.

6) medical absorbent cotton properties: should be soft and elastic white fiber, no color spots, stains and foreign bodies, odorless, tasteless.

7) whiteness: the whiteness of medical absorbent cotton should not be less than 80 degrees.

8) soluble matter in water: residue in 100ml test solution should be less than 0.5%.

9) ph: phenolphthalein indicator should not show pink and bromocresol purple indicator should not show yellow in 100ml test solution.

10) easy oxides: add potassium permanganate in 40ml test solution and the red color should not disappear completely.

11) water absorption time: medical absorbent cotton should sink below the liquid level within 10s.

12) water absorption: the water absorption per gram of medical absorbent cotton should not be less than 23g.

13) soluble substances in ether: residue in 100ml test solution should be less than 0.5%.

14) fluorescence: observed under ultraviolet lamp, medical absorbent cotton only allows micro-brown and purple fluorescence and a few yellow particles, except a few

The separated fibers should not show strong blue fluorescence.

15) weight loss during drying: 2g medical absorbent cotton was used to dry to a constant weight, and the loss of mass should not be more than 8.0%.

16) burning residue: take 2g of medical absorbent cotton and dry it to a constant weight. Residual residue in the test solution shall not be more than 0.5%.

17) surfactant: the surfactant foam in the test solution should not exceed 2mm.

18) sterile: alcohol swabs should be sterile;Irradiation of cobalt-60 sterilizes.

[scope of application] used for disinfection of intact skin before injection and infusion.

[usage] take medical alcohol swabs, sterilize and wipe them according to the prescribed scope, and then inject or infusion can be done.

Production date: see the bottom of the tank or the seal of the bag.

[service life] 12 months.

1) check the package before use. Do not use it if the package is damaged.

2) this product is for external use and cannot be taken orally. It should be placed in a place not suitable for children to touch.

3) after opening the package, it should be used up within 48 hours. It can be used for seven days if kept airtight at any time, but if sterilized

The liquid has evaporated, please do not continue to use.

4) this product is only for one-time use. It is non-recyclable medical waste after use. Please treat it as such waste.

Contraindications: it is contraindicated for those allergic to alcohol.

[storage method] it should be stored in a ventilated, clean and cool place with relative humidity no more than 80%.Avoid fire source, toxic, volatile and corrosive

Item contact.

Attachment: the interpretation of the graphics, symbols, abbreviations and other contents of the medical devices used in this product

Read instructions for one-time use batch no., no., no., no., no., no., no., no., no., no

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