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The production method of medical gauze block

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The production method of medical gauze block

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In medical gauze piece make more major is health issues, when making production is not allowed to attend and any impurities pollution, so our production environment are sterile, only to produce the high quality and good effect medical gauze piece, here is simple for you to introduce the method of making medical gauze piece.

Medical gauze block

Medical gauze piece mainly made of bamboo charcoal fiber materials, first of all take fresh bamboo smoked preliminary drying, drying, carbonization, carbonization, calcination, spray, crushing, made of bamboo charcoal powder in nanoscale, then place the bamboo charcoal powder mixed with polyester and viscose and stir, through spinning equipment, spare yarn containing bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal fiber was, then use bamboo charcoal fiber textiles for gauze, described is the whole piece of gauze in half for a quick medical gauze piece described.

In this way, it has been carefully crafted to present you with the products you see now.The above is the medical gauze block production method of all the contents, I hope to help your purchase.

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