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What are the differences between medical cotton swabs and common cotton swabs?

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What are the differences between medical cotton swabs and common cotton swabs?

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There are many kinds of cotton swabs, including dust-free swabs, clean cotton swabs, medical cotton swabs, and instant cotton swabs.What we usually use are disposable medical swabs.So, does anyone know the difference between a medical q-tip and a regular q-tip?

Medical cotton swabs are made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch wood, which can be used in medical and health units and home health care, to disinfect patients' skin, treat wounds and apply medicine.Its characteristics are non - toxic, non - irritating, good water absorption, easy to use.This product is sterilized and can be used safely.Open the bag and use it.It can treat the wound directly.However, it is important to store the cotton swabs in a well-ventilated room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%.

medical cotton swab

But the ordinary cotton swab usually has the very strong liquid absorption, the tenacity, the abrasion resistance and so on good characteristic, will not scratch is wiped the device, will not drop the chip.Particles and liquid enter the hole of cotton swab, will not fall out or extrude easily, with good locking ability, it is a clean consumable material produced by excellent purification room, can eliminate pollutants and keep clean in the special environment of production process (cloth can not be wiped).Low chemical residue after wiping.Combustible, easy to handle, environmentally friendly.Most clean swabs are electrically conductive and keep operators and tools grounded.

The way to distinguish medical cotton swabs from ordinary cotton swabs is to look at their respective USES. The use of medical cotton swabs is for medical and health care units and home hygiene care, to disinfect the skin of patients, to treat wounds, and to apply medicine.Ordinary cotton swabs are used for everyday things.

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