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Introduction to medical degreasing gauze

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Introduction to medical degreasing gauze

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Medical degreasing gauze is made of mature wool of cotton and anemonaceae plants. After that, it is processed by removing sundries, degreasing, bleaching and processing.Medical degreasing gauze is mainly used as dressing for clinical use in hospitals. At the same time, the absorbent cotton can be further processed to make cotton cloth and cotton swabs for use.Main performance indexes and experimental methods of medical degreasing gauze:

Medical absorbent gauze bandage

1. Fluorescent products: take some of this product, spread it into a certain thickness, and place it under ultraviolet lamp (365nm) for inspection. Only micro-brown and purple fluorescence and a few yellow particles are allowed.

2. Ph: take lOOmL solution of soluble substances in water, add 3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator solution, and do not show pink color. Take lOOmL filtrate of soluble substances in water, and add 2 drops of bromocresol purple indicator solution, and do not show yellow color.

3. Soluble substances in ether: take this product 59, place it in a 250mL soxhlet extractor, use ether 150mL for continuous extraction for 4h, siphon and reflux for no less than 4 times per hour, dry the extract and dry it to constant weight at 105"C, and the residual residue shall not exceed 0.5%.

4. Water absorption time: take 10 pieces of this product, each lOcm×lOcm, fold them in half into 5cm×5cm respectively, and place them on the water surface suitable for glass containers (the water temperature around 20±2℃ gauze should not touch the container), absorb water and sink below the liquid level in lOs.

5. Soluble substance in water: take this product 12.Then wash the gauze with the newly boiled hot water and merge the washing liquid into the measuring bottle. Cool it and add the water to the scale. Shake it well and strain it.5%.

6. Medical degreasing gauze should be carried out in a sterile condition, and ensure that there is no peculiar smell, stains and spots in the medical degreasing gauze, so that the medical degreasing gauze is soft and elastic.

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