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What are the characteristics of disposable medical pad products

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What are the characteristics of disposable medical pad products

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Disposable medical pad is a widely used product in the medical industry, and in use, not only for the patient to reduce pain, at the same time, the use of disposable medical pad is more convenient.At the same time, there are many regulations and a variety of specifications for disposable medical pads.

Disposable medical pad

Disposable medical pads are less than 150Cm in length and can be produced according to customer requirements in terms of thickness and weight.Disposable medical MATS reliable quality, price concessions.Disposable medical pad is suitable for hospital bed, patient examination and incontinence patients to use at home.Disposable medical polymer sheets for disposable products, using close skin, soft, waterproof, dry, without excitant non-woven material surface, the disposable pad with waterproof, breathable, soft, stretch film do the bottom, middle with fluff pulp, air-laid paper, toilet paper, disposable medical polymer resin and other materials as an absorbent core layer.

Disposable medical pads are widely used in medical treatment, home care and other fields, and can absorb blood, urine and sweat quickly. The surface of disposable medical pads is dry, breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable.Rapid absorption design: adopt advanced technology, to the surface of the rapid infiltration treatment, can hold fast infiltration, no matter how much flow, can instantaneous absorption without leakage due to large flow.

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