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Medical elastic bandage can effectively prevent the occurrence of scar

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Medical elastic bandage can effectively prevent the occurrence of scar

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Almost every plastic surgeon will instruct patients to use elastic bandages after treatment of wounds, because elastic bandages can not only prevent the scar from happening, but also effectively prevent the recurrence of the scar that has been removed.

So why does medical elastic bandage have such good auxiliary effect?

Medical elastic bandage

It turns out that medical elastic bandage has three major functions to prevent scar. First, it can cause local tissue hypoxia at the suture of wound, so that fibroblasts, collagen fibers and matrix lose the nourishment of oxygen and scar hyperplasia is inhibited.

Secondly, the pressure of medical elastic bandage can reduce the 2 macroglobulin inhibiting collagenase in local serum, which is conducive to the decomposition of collagen.

Thirdly, local tissue compression can reduce the deposition and synthesis of mucopolysaccharide and reduce the synthesis of collagen.Of course, medical elastic bandages are not. They only work on early scars, not on mature scars that are more than a year old.

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