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What effect does medical cotton ball have

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What effect does medical cotton ball have

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Medical cotton ball is made of medical absorbent cotton, white soft and elastic white fiber, no color spots, stains and foreign bodies, no odor, tasteless.It is divided into sterile medical cotton balls and non-sterile medical cotton balls.Generally, medical cotton ball can directly touch the wound of patients, which is the main sanitary material used in the medical industry for dressing, protecting and cleaning patients' wounds.

Medical cotton ball

Medical cotton balls have high requirements for sterilization.In addition, the selection of absorbent cotton raw materials for making cotton balls must meet the requirements of standards and industry standards.

Medical cotton balls, medical alcohol disinfection cotton balls, medical iodofu disinfection cotton balls, is made of medical absorbent cotton balls soaked with a certain concentration of disinfectant, mainly used for adults and children over the age of 2 years old to sterilize the skin mucosa.

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