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Here are some things you shouldnt know about medical gloves

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Here are some things you shouldnt know about medical gloves

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Medical rubber inspection gloves are the standard equipment of medical staff in the task of standard prevention, and have indelible "merits" for medical staff to avoid occupational injury, but how to choose correctly?Here is a step-by-step explanation.

The purpose of the medical rubber inspection gloves is to prevent the hands from being cleaned by stolen goods or microorganisms, avoid the transmission of microorganisms that once existed on the skin or hands, and prevent the damage caused by chemical substances or the injury that increases the injury of sharp instruments.

medical glove

Classification of gloves

Medical staff are known to use different gloves in different places and opportunities, so what are the different categories of gloves?

According to the data of gloves, they are divided into latex gloves, nitrile gloves, polyethylene (PE) gloves and polyvinyl (PVC) gloves.

Nitrile gloves: ideal substitute for latex gloves, highly fit hand skin, with superior comfort.Suitable for non-aseptic operation with high-risk contact with blood or body fluids;Handling of sharp instruments, handling of cytotoxic substances and disinfectants.

According to the nature of the task, it can be divided into sterilized gloves and non-sterilized gloves, while non-sterilized gloves are further divided into cleaning and housekeeping gloves.

● sterilizing gloves for internal medicine: sterile disposable application.It is mainly used for operation, delivery, local catheterization and preparation of parenteral nutrient solution.

● clean reflective gloves: clean, non-sterile, disposable.For indirect or direct contact with the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta and by the fluid clear purification of the articles.

● housekeeping gloves: cleaning can be used repeatedly.It is mainly used in the condition of indirect contact with the human body, the cleaning of the environmental surface can be used as housekeeping gloves.

Application requirements and precautions for gloves:

Rules of technical standards for hospital isolation:

Use of gloves:

1. Select suitable varieties and specifications of gloves according to different operation requirements;

2. Gloves should be worn when touching the blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, vomit and purified articles of the patient;

3. Sterile gloves should be worn when the operation and other aseptic operations are stopped and patients' damaged skin and mucous membranes are touched

4. Disposable gloves should be used once.

Pay attention to matters

1. Gloves should be changed between patients with different diagnosis, treatment and care.

2. After the operation, remove the gloves and wash hands in accordance with the regular order and method. Wearing gloves cannot replace hand washing, and stop hand disinfection when necessary.

3. If gloves are found damaged during operation, they should be changed in time.

4. When wearing sterile gloves, avoid purifying the gloves.

"Disposable polyvinyl medical introspection gloves" gb24786-2009: it is suitable for medical introspection, diagnosis or treatment of patients and users, and also for disposable medical introspection gloves for purifying medical data.

"Disposable medical rubber self-examination gloves" gb10213-2006: suitable for medical self-examination, diagnosis or treatment of patients and users to avoid interpenetration of the requirements of infection rubber gloves, but also for the disposal of purification of medical materials disposable rubber self-examination gloves.

"Disposable sterilized rubber gloves" gb7543-2006: it is applicable to the technical requirements of maintaining patients and users and preventing infection in sterilized rubber gloves with packaging in the operation of internal medicine. It is suitable for wearing disposable gloves once and then throwing away, not applicable to self-examination gloves and sequential gloves.

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