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Performance index of disposable operating bag

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Performance index of disposable operating bag

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The disposable operating bag is mainly used in the operation, which can save the time of the preparation of the doctor before the operation, so that the treatment can be carried out quickly, relieve the pain of the patient, and gain more time for the operation. So what are the main performance indicators of the disposable operating bag?The following small make up take you to understand the disposable operating bag performance indicators?

The disposable operating kit is mainly composed of large hole sheet, operating sheet, covering cloth, tablecloth, operating vehicle cover, operating jacket, hat, shoe cover, hole towel, medium sheet, plastic sterilizing brush, plastic sterilizing tray, disposable plastic tweezers, suture needle, suture line, open abdominal towel, rubber gloves, disposable inspection gloves.

Disposable operating kit

Among them, the big hole sheet, operation sheet, wrap cloth, tablecloth, operating cart cover, operating jacket, hat, shoe cover, hole towel and middle sheet are made by processing nonwovens as the main raw materials.The rubber gloves and inspection gloves in the operation bag are made of natural latex, the suture line is processed by natural silk, the suture needle is made of stainless steel, the plastic disinfecting tray, disposable plastic tweezers, and plastic disinfecting brush are made of polyethylene, and the open towel is made of absorbent cotton gauze.

1. The square meter weight of nonwovens shall not be less than 20 grams.

2. The surfaces of each group of surgical kits should be clean, without holes, foreign bodies, stains and serious folds.

3. The sewing of the surgical bag should be uniform, without any gouge and even seam.

4. The sterile process confirmed by the operating kit sterilizes the product.

5. Residual ethylene oxide should be no more than 10ug/g.

For disposable surgical kits can not be used repeatedly after use, use the correct use, according to the procedures of operation, the above is small make up for you to share the disposable operating performance indicators, hope to bring you help!

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