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Medical iodov cotton swabs have different effects and functions

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Medical iodov cotton swabs have different effects and functions

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Medical iodovolt cotton swab is a very common product in hospitals, its main function is to sterilize.How should we use this product?Below by hua yu medical treatment for your detailed introduction.

First, push the end of color ring of cotton swab upward along the rubber film. After pulling out the cotton swab, mark the end of color ring upward. Hold the upper end of cotton swab with one hand and break the other hand along the color ring.

Medical iodov cotton swabs

Medical iodov cotton swab is named because it contains iodov components. It has strong killing toxicity and sterilization, which can kill viruses and bacteria and guarantee safety and health.Commonly used on medicine iodide volt its concentration is controlled in 1% commonly, can be wiped with the skin directly.

But he also has its contraindication, that is to iodine-allergic person careful use, lest the effect that cannot rise bactericidal is more serious instead.And this product is only for trauma use, do not contact the eyes.If skin swelling or inflammation occurs after use, please stop using immediately.

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